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Employee Injury Care / Screening

Massage Therapy

Employee Injury Care

Our team believes that prevention, wellness and early intervention are key factors to keeping employees healthy. A healthy workforce leads to increased retention and morale, improved productivity, and reduced group health and worker compensation costs. When your employees are treated in our clinic, we provide them with a caring staff providing quality medical care and service. Your employees will be treated with respect and compassion. 

In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulate business and industry to protect the safety of a company's employees and the people they impact in the performance of their duties.

Physicals / Vaccinations

If you're being considered for a new job, the employer may ask you to complete a pre-employment physical. While there are several types of pre-employment evaluations employers require, a pre-employment physical helps them determine how well qualified you're to physically perform the responsibilities required for the role. Learning what to expect during a pre-employment physical can help you feel more prepared for the process you will go through.

Vaccine mandates can be a tool for workplace safety. Because people spend so much of their time at work, anything that can lower their risk of infection on the job stands to have a big impact on their health. 


Requiring employees to be vaccinated improves employee health. It helps contain the virus and protect vulnerable populations beyond the workplace. And it makes business sense, too: Fewer employees out sick or dealing with lasting complications means a more productive workforce. - John's Hopkins University


Labs / Drug Screening

Many employers require candidates to pass drug screenings in order to qualify for employment. This could include a urine drug screening, hair drug and alcohol screening, saliva drug screening and sweat drug screening. For jobs where the responsibilities are particularly high-risk, these are the types of jobs most likely to require drug and alcohol screenings.

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