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Immigration Care / Travel Medicine


Immigration Physicals

An immigration medical exam is required when immigrating to the United States because it will either verify or deny the intended immigrant meets the health standards for admission. At the exam, you can expect to provide a medical report, and vaccine record. 

There are several items you will need to prepare for your medical exam. A valid passport with required photos, vaccine records, Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record (if adjusting status) and a list of medications are required by all doctors to perform the exam. 

CDC Travel Immunizations

MVUCC offers a full range of services for patients traveling to exotic and foreign destinations.

Visit the CDC website. Choose the country you plan to travel and see what precautions and immunizations are recommended for the country/countries you plan to visit. 


MVUCC always follows the recommendations made by the CDC with regards to safety and immunizations when traveling abroad.

Schedule your Physical Today!

Use the link above to schedule your green card medical exam. Utilice el enlace de arriba para programar su examen médico para la tarjeta de residencia

Book Ahead. Travel Safe!

Use the link above to schedule your next travel immunization visit at MVUCC

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