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Family Medicine Center

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Moreno Valley Urgent Care Clinic - MVUCC is a full-service family medical healthcare facility. For complete information and details on our services or pediatrics and seniors please contact our office at (951) 243-5050.

Complete Family Care

MVUCC is a complete family medicine clinic that offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to individuals of all ages.


Primary care services encompass routine check-ups, immunizations, health screenings for various conditions, and management of chronic ailments like diabetes and asthma.


Pediatric care focuses on well-child visits, treating childhood illnesses, and administering vaccinations. Women's health services include pap smears, family planning, and managing gynecological issues, while men's health services cover screenings for prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction treatment, and testosterone monitoring.


Geriatric care involves assessments and managing age-related conditions such as osteoporosis and dementia, while acute care attends to minor injuries and acute illnesses like colds and flu.


Additionally, chronic disease management ensures ongoing monitoring and adjustment of medications for conditions like hypertension and arthritis.


The clinic also emphasizes preventive care through lifestyle counseling, smoking cessation programs, and weight management. Mental health services offer screenings and treatments for common issues like anxiety and depression, with referrals to specialists as needed.


Minor surgical procedures, diagnostic services including laboratory tests and imaging, chronic pain management, and referrals for specialized care ensure comprehensive treatment.


Telemedicine services facilitate remote consultations and follow-up appointments, while patient education provides vital information on disease prevention and healthy living for patients and their families.

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